My first blog!


Hello all, well finally I have my own website. I hope you like it! I'm going to work very hard to keep you up to date with news, views and of course some top tricks.

I don't know if you knew this but I love gadgets so if you have any cool things that you own or have seen please let me know. My latest purchase is a key finder which ensures I don't lose my keys or remote controls anymore. (Sad -I need it I know but it stops me getting stressed out, I just push a button on the wall remote and it whistles so I know where things are! Genius!!!)

I’m working on a new gameshow at the moment called Magic Numbers; it starts this Saturday at 8pm live on ITV1 and honestly, even if I say so myself it's a great show. If you like having a laugh then you will really enjoy it. The biggest bonus with it being live is it's totally interactive where simply just by watching the show you could win a quarter of a million pounds! If you get a chance to watch it I hope you like it.

Also now the website is live if you have any questions just let me know and I will answer as many as I can. Obviously if they're boring you've got no chance! Send them to

Have a good day and enjoy yourself!


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  • Hey stephen, i love the website. hope your ok, see ya soon x
  • Congrats on the new show !! Looking forward to seeing you in december and hopefully going for a drink again (now I can have a glass of wine) xxx
  • Hi Stephen , your new website is fabulous! Love Magic Numbers on Saturday! Best wishes Tracy xxx
  • Hi Stephen, Magic Nos is an absolute hit and gr8 Saturday night TV and OMG you are so easy on the eye!! If you are single and fancy a date i'm your lady?!!!!
    Samantha Hope
  • your Website is good like pics of you funny. i love magic
    like David Blaine?
  • Hello Stephen,
    A little off subject but you met my brother Richard Young in Que Gardens last month for the disability photography awards and next month he is going to be the first ever disability swimmer to attempt Tenby to Caldey Island Swim (over 3 miles) to raise money for 4 local charities and I wondered if you have any contacts in publicity that maybe be interested in covering this story or supporting the event or just even being present! I know it is a long shot but Richard is a huge fan of yours and I am trying to raise awareness of this difficult challenge on a national level as I am so proud of him.
    Hope to hear from you.
    Kind Regards
    Donna Young
    Donna Young
  • Great site. I hope the show goes well.
  • Hi! Stephen im going to watch Magic Numbers on Saturday
  • Glad you now have a website! :D Btw, hello to Julie Watkins from BGT! xD
  • Loved Magic Numbers on Saturday.Love the website.
    Julie Watkins
  • your website is great Stephen!
    I hope you'll tweet once in a while again?

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