It's A Roll Over!


Now the first show of Magic Numbers is over with, I can really start to enjoy the series. That first show was SO nerve-wracking; in fact I was actually sick the night before! As Holly was on the first one it was just like being back on Saturday mornings – it was really, really good fun. Looking forward to this week’s show, we have loads of guests – Diana Vickers, Amanda Holden, The Baseballs and Alastair McGowan will be doing some impersonations so it’s jam-packed. Every time we don’t get a winner the prize fund will go up by £50,000, so this week not only can someone win £300,000 but they can also win a car, which is pretty exciting. So far all the feedback I’ve had has been really positive, everyone seems to like it it’s like a proper classic Saturday night TV show – it’s a bit like Takeaway, it has a bit of Deal or No Deal in it, a bit like Kids Do The Funniest Things so it has something for everyone.

I’ve been getting ready for the magic I do on the show as it has to be rehearsed because if it goes wrong it looks just hideous. A prime example – GMTV this morning! I don’t know if many of you saw it but I gave Emma Crosby a whole pack of cards and she dropped them live on the show so I spent the first part of the live interview picking up cards from the floor! That was nothing compared with the time I got locked in a box live on Blue Peter and the very top of the show. Myself and Ben Shephard were talking about co-hosts and were saying on live TV it’s always great to have a co-host to rely on in case things go wrong – not the case with Emma however!! (Only joking)

Have a great weekend everyone, love Stephen.


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  • Hi stephen really enjoyed the show think you do a fantastic job keeping your cool for 1 hour on live tv anything else you go on to do now will be easy peasy compaired to that.
    Keep up the great work
    looking forward to next week
  • Great show, am loving magic numbers and was in the audience of the first show, front row seats too. We could tell how nervous you were by how much you were shaking and in fact you nodded and agreed when my sister commented on it. Have managed to get tickets to come to this weeks show too so will see you on the 31st, can't wait to see who's on this week :) x
    Michelle Fisher
  • GREAT show stephen LOVE IT
    Elizabeth Banks
  • why the robot women?
  • Can't wait for the magic part of the show. Is it going to look good though if it is recorded as you could just do anything with the trick?
  • I love magic hope you might get your own back on Amanda for being horrible to magic acts on Britains got talent. Cutting Amanda in half should about do it :-)
  • Great
  • great show last week we were in the audience and will be this week. you did extremely well and should be proud cant wait for this weeks
  • i've relly got to woth this show. (sorry about my seling im not tying to say bad figs about you it's coss i have special needs and get upset it's hrd to sil)
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