Magic, Magic, and More Magic!!


So, after my dental troubles last week I had to spend 5 hideous hours in the dentist’s chair which was HORRENDOUS but it’s all sorted now. Phew. I’ve also been busy with my magic sets that are only available to buy at Butlin’s in Bognor Regis so far. They have their own special stand that looks amazing, as soon as we have some photos to share with you all we’ll get them put up on the website.

I also went down to Brighton for a nice BBQ with some friends which was lovely but during the week I am mainly busy with Magic Numbers. As it’s a live show things can chop and change, the games alternate and we go over them again and again. Thank goodness this week we had a winner, it was starting to look like we wouldn’t for a while there! We can’t change the rules of the games to try and create a winner, as obviously that wouldn’t make it fair, so we just had to keep our fingers crossed. Our winner this week was Sally, a care assistant from Byfleet and everyone agreed she was definitely very deserving of the £70,000. Our guests were Louie Spence and Paddy McGuiness we had a great laugh. Louie’s impressions of celebrities were priceless, not to mention his dance moves! Finally, I am back on Twitter and I’m absolutely loving it! I’ve Tweeted loads and because I have it on my phone it makes it so much more enjoyable, whilst I’m between rehearsals I can sit and log on and chat to you all.

I’ve also had a meeting about a possible new magic show, but I can’t tell you much more at this stage… suffice to say, watch this space!

Speak soon




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  • Hi Stephen - I have found a large number of statememnts on the internet about you performing the guillotine on a number of occaisions with Holly Willoughby and also with Cheryl Cole. I dont seem to be able to find and pictures or film of either of these! Can you tell me - did they actually happen? Thank you - and please keep up the great work
  • 5 hours in the dentists chair??? Oh my God! I am so sorry for you!
  • hiya magic numbers is amazing keep the successfulness up :) im really intterested in how you saw the lady in half it may be an illution but im really creaped out by it can you tell me exactly how you do it please x
  • Got to agree with Davey - Holly would be a great assistant for a sawing in half!
  • Seems like a few people want to see a sawing a lady in half illusion, any chance you could persuade Kym Marsh? How about a buzz saw illusion with a huge circular saw now that would be great! Heres hoping, anyway great show keep up the good work.
  • Stephen, I've got to agree with Davey - Holly would be the ideal assistant for the sawing in half!
  • Great show and great to see big magic illusions back on TV. Hope there will be more and maybe an updated version of sawing a woman in half?
    Oliver Brown
  • Hiya, You're Doing A Fab Job Of Magic Numbers Stephen! I've Applied For More Tickets To Come See It But Not Been Very Successful Yet, Fingers Crossed! I Also Got My Tickets For Nottingham In December Aswell .. Its Gonna Be One Heck Of A Journey From Hastings But Looking Forward To It! See You Soon

    Jade x
  • Magic Numbers gets better and better. Great to have something new exciting and live on a Saturday evening. Hope you are on TV loads and will be very inteersted if this new magic show gets to air.
    Carl Bradley
  • I enjoy big illusions. Why dont you ever see the cutting a lady in half ones anymore especially on TV ?. I would love to be the girl myself in one of those.
    Love Jen xx
  • Stephen you were brill first week of magic numbers (well all weeks of course but i saw the first week live!) i wanted to wait for a photo but my friends got bored haha.

    anyway you're awesome :)
  • Hey I hope you get the magic show Stephen that will be brilliant. Any chance you can perform the famous sawing a lady in half illusion on Magic Numbers ? Thought you missed a trick as Holly Willoughby would be a fantastic and soo sexy assistant in something as dare devil as that. Keep up the good work.
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