Bunton, Butlins and (boy) Bands!


On this week’s show we have Emma Bunton, The Saturdays and Eamonn Holmes & his lovely wife Ruth Langsford – what a line up! As usual there will be all sorts of surprises and games and I don’t want to give too much away but what I can tell you is that we’re doing an illusion that has never been done before on UK TV. It’s been brought over from America and will involve Vanessa from the The Saturdays.  It’s spectacular, so don’t miss it!

I’m having so much fun making it but we had a scary moment last week. When we had the winner, the audience went absolutely wild, so much so that I couldn’t hear the talkback in my ear, which of course in a live show is pretty vital! They count you down to 0 and you have to say ‘goodbye’ at precisely that point, otherwise you get taken off air. So, just as the audience began to calm down all I could hear was “4-3-2-1…” with just a few moments to quickly say “Bye, see you next week!” What a deserved winner Sally was too, she’s just retired as a care worker and told me that not only would this be her pension money but that it was about four years wages. Such great timing.  More winners this week would be lovely but even with Sally’s win, the jackpot is still at £350,000 and if no-one wins this week it’ll go up to £400,000! I’m giving away two pairs of tickets to next week’s show so you could be in the audience joining me and McFly. Good luck. I tweeted about this and got a lot of replies – it seems there are a lot of McFly fans out there!

It’s been a very magic heavy week which is just an absolute joy. I went to Butlins in Bognor Regis this week to launch my range of magic sets which was nice but also quite weird given that I used to work there as a Red Coat! It was great to catch up with some old pals like Matt, Gayle and Nick. Matt used to be a Red Coat with me and is now the Entertainments manager, so it’s lovely to think that we all started out working together and are all still doing well/

I’ve also just received the script for the pantomime I’m doing this year, Aladdin, at the theatre Royal in Nottingham, so now I get to add all my own bits to it, such as the illusions. As well as a lot of magic there’ll also be a 3D genie in the show. On Wednesday I did an interview on Radio 2 with Liza Tarbuck (You can listen back to it here) and I have decided I would really love to do radio. I’ve thought about it in the past but it really cemented in that interview as she’s so good, technically and as a presenter, and as I watched her doing her stuff I thought “Yeah, this would actually be quite nice!” She’s just such a lovely person as well.

That’s all for now folks, enjoy the weekend!




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  • You were amazing at Butlins (And ofcourse still are)! We met you every time we came, me and my brother loved you! Your dads shop in Minehead too.. Remember us!?
  • wonderful post, thank you.
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  • Heyy Stephan my name is kerys jeffrey and for my school papper i would like to interview you throw email! This would be amazing for my school paper called ''The vibe'' just to ask you some questions would be out off this wolrd i may be young but I LUV YU! And im a huge fan luv alll your shows! From your biggest fan Kerys Jeffrey x
  • Why not Sawing your guest Kym Marsh in Half on next Saturdays Magic Numbers?
    I'd really like to see something like that!
    Greetings and Good Luck with your show Stephen
  • Really enjoyed the show tonight and the amazing trick with Vanessa. You need to top that now which spectacular illusion could you do next with another female guest ? and who would that be. Could you ask Holly Back please and do a magic trick on her.
  • By jove I think hes got it at last! LOL the anticipation of a lovely female guest involved with a spectacular magic illusion. Yummie. Now this is what We really want to see back on the menu and long may it continue. I applaud you " Mr Magic" Mulhern and really cant wait now for tommorows show. Go Stephen, Go Stephen, Go Stephen ! :-)
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