Celebrities Are The Trickiest


Hi everyone,

Wow it’s been a busy week! The last few days have been entirely dedicated to getting the illusions ready for tomorrow and next week’s show. Trust me, they are BIG tricks that require an awful lot of work. This week Dougie from McFly will be plunging himself into ‘The Mangle’, a devious little contraption that does exactly what it says on the tin, it mangles up the volunteer’s body before making them...well, I won’t ruin what happens next. Rest assured when I say it’s a rather spectacular trick that is very hard to get right.

So, that’s what the last week has been - nonstop rehearsal, trial and error, and perfecting every aspect of each illusion. The trouble is, when you’re working with celebrities as opposed to trained assistants who you’ve toured with for months and months, you never know what’s going to happen. You only get about an hour’s rehearsal with them on the day, meaning there’s an awful lot of risk involved.

One thing’s for sure, it means for an exciting night!

Until next week,



Watch Magic Numbers, Saturday night from 7:50pm on ITV1



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  • So cool! Thanks.
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  • good luck with tha trick and show good work:-)
  • good with tha trick and show good work
  • well i love you in tricky tv and brilliant creatures
  • Go Stephen you rock! You're my fav tv presenter ever and you just have amazing stage presence! :) I love your shows.
  • Stephen why are you so lovely!!!!!!!
  • Thanks Stephen for the opportunity to film an introduction for Funniest Things with you in Brighton the other day.......looking forward to seeing us on screen together later this year....and if he's interested , Mr Cowell's welcome to view the singing clip...!!!!!

    That " old " guy....

    Geoff Lingard
    Geoff Lingard
  • Hi stephen i would love to see the lovely Amanda Holden Jig saw on magic numbers
  • yeah i hope you will be sawing alexandra in half on tomorrow's show or maybe pamela anderson if she is on as that would be a real treat for all us magic folk
    jim coates
  • Good Luck with the trick and show on Saturday. Im looking forward to watching it. Have Fun :)x
  • So whats illusion is in store for next weeks show and who will that be with Alexandra Burke by any chance ?
  • Please please please let me have tickets for tomorrow night?
    Hayley Geldart
  • Good luck with that! I'm sure it will work out just fine ;-) :-)
  • Gutted I'm gonna miss it! sounds amazing! shall have to watch it on ITVplayer on Sunday :) xx
    Meg Stephenson
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