Coronation Street Uncovered:Live


Hello all,

Well I have been a massive fan of Coronation Street for as early as I can remember. My family have always been fans and to be a part of the 50th birthday celebration is a dream come true. It's really weird, being in the entertainment business and presenting TV shows you get to meet a lot of famous people but there is something strange  about meeting characters from a soap you have watched virtually all your life, you really feel like you know them! Now I'm presenting Coronation Street Uncovered :Live  I'm getting to find out all of the gossip and secrets from the street. (Don't worry you will know everything I find out as I will tell you everything live on ITV2  at 10pm on Monday 6th  December). One thing I can tell you right now is the tram crash is incredible and without fail the best TV disaster I have ever seen, it literally tears the street apart in every way. The street will never be the same again.


On Coronation Street Uncovered we get access all areas and we have a great line up of guests including David (Jack P Shepherd), Tina (Michelle Keegan), Tyrone (Alan Halsall) , Michelle (Kym Marsh), Maria (Samia Smith)  and Sean (Antony Cotton). We also have interviews with practically every cast member. You will also get a chance to ask them questions and you can 'Grill Phil' the producer of the street! Who will survive the tram crash ?  That's what I want to know and hopefully on the night we can squeeze it out of him. If you don't ask I will!


I hope you enjoy the show, don't forget ITV2, Live at 10pm on Monday 6th December!



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  • Dearest Stephen, I would just like you to know that you're really adorable (haha, even though most men wold probably not like being called that :P) and handsome, and please keep being crazy awesome and charming! :)) I watched Jersey Boys in Australia too and I loved it! :D I hope your career will be long and fruitful and for you to be happy always! :)
  • Well done on show on Monday night. Great job. Brucie better watch out!!!
  • You did well last night show it is a shame that itv 2 is not doing the the live aftershow on Thursday then you see if they done a great job.
  • Congratulations on winning a TV Times awards and hope there more to come. with all the hard work you do like for this live show on Monday you should get a pay rise to becasue you do more than mosts.
  • I love corrie can't wait to watch it. Really sorry I can't get to the panto on saturday was really excited about I'll try come another show. Got my bgt tikets. Can't wait to see you again its been too long
  • lol photoshop
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