Now the BGT tour has come to an end


Hello all,

Well we have just finished the auditions for Britain’s Got Talent and what a tour it was! I am pleased to tell you Britain still does have also has some very special talent which you will get to see on Britain's Got More Talent.

To be honest before we started the tour I didn't know what to expect with the new judge line up. Would it work? Is the Hoff nice to work with? Is Michael going to be too funny? The reality is nobody could have guessed how well this all worked out and I must say it's been the most enjoyable tour to date!

I think it was always going to be a real test without Simon there as I remember when Louis stepped in for him in 2010 when Simon was not too well, I love Louis but it really didn't feel the same so to have him and Piers gone, who knew what was going to happen.

It's like a totally new show as the feel of the panel is nothing like what we had before but as I say it really works. For ITV2's Britain's Got More Talent  we have brand new features for all three judges, it's really funny even if I say so myself!

We are going to be filming what we call the ‘Reveal Day’ in March, this is where the judges make up their minds on the final line up for the live semi-finals, there are a couple of acts that are truly incredible and of course a few acts that are truly awful but what would the show be without them.

People always ask me if myself, Ant and Dec have any say as to who goes through and I promise we don't have any at all - I think it would spoil the surprise if we had any idea, I am really excited!

Now I have some free time from filming I am working on creating two new magic setsnbjhv I am over the moon with. The first is a brand new magic set with some of my favourite classic magic effects and some never before seen tricks and the other set is a ‘Box of Shocks’- this contains tricks to freak your friends out with.....Trust me they will go crazy if you do them!

I have been working on them for some time now but being able to dedicate some proper time to them is great!

How weird as I was typing that last comment about having some time away from filming I have just picked up a message about doing some filming for This Morning! They are doing a feature called “My First” …don't be alarmed it's not rude, it's all about the first time you did something that has had a impact on your life or career, I like this as I will be able to go back to where I got my first break into entertainment - must phone my manager to say yes!

Now where was I, yes the magic sets, I have a meeting with the games company next week to finalise exactly what is going in each set and design the front of the boxes, I love doing this kind of thing and cannot wait for them to hit the shops later this year, will keep you posted.

On my site you will see I have added some new tricks for you to make and do, hope you like them and good luck!



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  • missing you on twitter and tv. cant wait til bgmt coming back
    lisa murray
  • thank you for letting everyone know what you have been up to and hope the new magic sets sell and hope the show on This morning is good and as a lot of information on your first time in the business and where you are at in your life and career.
  • No mention of Amanda? how is she?
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