Question Time!


So a few months back we asked you all to send in your questions for Stephen & that you did… in your droves! Many of you got in touch via Stephen’s Facebook page and emailed questions in so we compiled the best ones and filmed Stephen answering them all in a few batches. The results are a collection of videos we’ll show exclusively here on Stephen’s site:



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  • Hi Stephen Congratulations! Really pleased for you your career has taken off, Brilliant! Can you remember the tour around England, Wales and Ireland promoting Butlins?! I am Joanne from Newcastle who traveled with you and enjoyed your magic throughout! lovely seeing you on TV!! best wishes Joanne xx
    Joanne Hodge
  • Hey, loved magic numbers, you inspired me to concentrate on magic again. I used to try to learn magic as I started it when I was eleven too, but then life got in the way i guess but I found all my stuff and decided to get back into it.
    Thank you for being an inspiration. Keep you the hard work xxx
    Jennifer Beccles
  • what happend 2 that violin years ago, u promised me! lol i hear ur getting married so auntie kath tells me! congratulations an weres my invite!! lol hope u r all well.
    daniel manning!
  • What are you doing after you finish Magic Numbers and before Panto.
  • I used to do a lot of "extra" work in both film and television. I feel certain I worked with you on a film, but can't remember which one. It may have been Wives And Daughters. Did you do any "extra" work?
    Neil Kemp
  • Are you going to put on audio clips of shows you appear did over the years becasue then it would save time searching youtube for past shows you have done.
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