Do the Funniest is back!


If you’re up for a bit of rib-tickling fun, then make sure tune in to ITV1 this Saturday for the hilarious ‘Britain Does the Funniest Things’.

Stephen and the kids from Funniest Things HQ present an all-new selection of weird and wonderful stories from across the UK and unearth some of Britain's funniest home videos. On Saturday’s show highlights include grown-men dressed as Vikings, a 90-year-old belly dancer and a fire-eating vicar, so you really can’t afford to miss it!

Tune in to ITV1 at 5.20pm.


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  • Stephen Mulhern you the Best you the Best you Awesome you amazing I love you so so so so so so so so so soOoOoOo Much you my Baby
    semo love stephen
  • It is back tomorrow at 6pm the funniest things and I don't know if there be any more after that but they are good to watch it is a shame itv can't give Stephen better shows like Magic Numbers so we can see more magic.
  • did u get the letter i wrote u
    Molly Fitches
  • I love you i am your bigges fan will you please give your all details so we can do live chat.
  • I like you- you can be such a riot! And I love the riot you make with Ant and Dec- the three of you are unstoppable! BGMT would NOT exist if not for you- I certainly cannot imagine it being presented by anyone else. Good for you for having your own shows to run- and hopefully we will get to see more of you.

    Best of luck!
  • yeah can't wait, my daughter Jade is one of the children in the office and we all loved watching the show even before she was in it as its something the whole family can enjoy. Jade will be so excited when I tell her its back on, love the office scenes there really funny and what a meanie you are to her stephen lol xxx
  • We want to see more of you on tv not less! I do hope you are not leaving BGMT!
  • I think the funniest things shows are great and are you going to film any of the shows in other countries like you done in the past. Also how many more are you doning this year before you go into panto. Also are you doing Britan Got More Talent Audions next year or are you leaving like the rest of them are becasue it be very dull show without you doing them.
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