He's Behind You!


Well, he’s not actually but we thought we’d get you in to the panto spirit…

As any discerning Stephen fan knows, he’s a great fan of pantomime and this year he’s set to star in Aladdin at the Theatre Royal, Nottingham.  Stephen will play the starring role of Aladdin opposite Gray O’Brian, aka Corrie villain Tony Gordon, who will be starring as Abanazar – so get ready with your loudest 'Boo's!'

The panto features an amazing 3D genie and runs from 4th Dec. Tickets are available now by calling 0115 989 5555 or online at



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  • i love you so much
    my dreams is to have with you a night
  • I love you so much stephen mulhern
  • Went to see that today it was really good n i got his autograph and a picture with him he seems really friendly n he was really good :)
  • He is amazin best ever panto ive been too loved it. he even signed my program and we got a pick together :)
    Becki Martin
  • Saw this on Sunday, I fully LOVED IT.
    haha all the glee songs made me laugh. so good!
    and Stephen is just omg amazing
  • We've been to see Aladin twice it's a great Panto & Stephen was brilliant. We were lucky enough to meet Stephen after the show and he was lovely. The pantos tour round the country Im sure it will reach Manchester soon! Sorry to disappoint some of you but the toilet roll thing was deliberate!!
  • I go to see the panto every New Years Eve and this years was by far the best!
    When we was walking to the car Stephen opened his changing room curtains and saw me. He was putting his trousers on LOL;)
    Eleanor Bradbury
  • Went to see aladdin today & OMG it was fantastic.. the first 3D panto , stephen was just amazing i love him more now than ever!! Could watch him every minute of everyday, georgous with a cheeky smile, and looks so hot in glitter and sequins lol.... cant wait to see him again xx merry christmas everyone
    liz shaw
  • Omg went to see aladin on wednesday the 8 of december and stephen chucked toilet roll into the audience be accident so he stood near me and told the lady to throw it so it just went past my head there was no need to say sorry
    love you stephen mulhern
  • I went to see Aladdin today and stephen mulhern was great. The whole play was funny and I really enjoyed it. I jus really found it funny though when Stephen accidently threw a load of toilet rolls on string into the audience. I think he felt embarresed after tht as he soon apologised. :)
    Danica leafe
  • Went to see the Panto today... Fab! I even got to meet Stephen in the interval... But I was so star-struck I forgot to ask him to sign my program! Gutted! :-( x
  • It would be great to see him in Panto but how is he going to do that while doing itv 2 show about Cornation Street Live on the same day on the 9 December 2010.
  • Ive Already Got Tickets For The First Performance !! Cant Wait To See You Stephen !!!! X x x x
    Jade Denyer
  • i am going on the 4th so excited drivin 6 hours to go
    lisa murray
  • I be great to see you in Panto but I can't afford it. Also it is shame you never done panto in Manchester I would come and see you in that.

    Also the new shows of Tricky TV are good it is a shame you are not in them a lot more but I am sure it is cheaper to employe children and than a Adult like yourself who owns the show and can do what you like with the show.
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