Daily Mail talks about Stephen taking over!


Here's what a recent article on the Daily mail's website has to say about Stephen...

Stephen Mulhern must have the most emotionally taxing job in showbusiness. Every week he’s there, commiserating with losers, celebrating with winners – and consoling the frankly deluded. Stephen presents Britain’s Got More Talent, the spin-off that follows the main BGT show on Saturdays.

This series Michael McIntyre and David ‘The Hoff’ Hasselhoff are sitting in the chairs vacated by judges Piers Morgan and Simon Cowell, although Simon will return this week for the live finals. How do the newcomers feel about his return? ‘They’re nervous,’ says Stephen. ‘They think, “Teacher’s coming back”. They have a feeling Simon will be judging them.’

Stephen is a BGMT veteran. For five years since the first series of the ITV show, he’s been behind the scenes at the auditions, watching thousands of acts from the weird to the heart-soaringly wonderful. He was there when Susan Boyle arrived with a single sandwich to sustain her through the tenhour wait before her voice transfixed the nation.  He was among the first to hear Paul Potts singing the aria that sent goosebumps down a million spines. Potts remains his all-time favourite act. 

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  • love this article it shows who u are and that you desurve a huge pramotion
    molly fitches
  • Hmm.. Interesting article indeed. A move to the BEEB is long overdue and deserved in my opinion.
  • I think it is a great article in the Mail and it shows how Stephen Mulhern loves his job and want to do his best and no doubt one day Ant and Dec will let him do on of the live shows just to see he can pull it off becasue I know he can and ITV know to he good at his job but they never give him a chance like with Magic Numbers last year it could go on for years but it was on the wrong time of year. Also the new show Your case or Mine which is on next few weeks or so be a winner becasue he really needs to have tha chance becasue and also a chance to win awards to and then ITV will have more faith in him. Also it is a shame in the article wants to go into his private life which is private and should really talk about his career and be happy with that.
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