Stephen does love a good quiz!


Obviously it’s not brand new information that Stephen likes a little bit of magic, and according to Twitter maybe even a quiz or two!

Are you following him on Twitter? (@stephenmulhern) Because if not – get on there pronto and follow him for the chance of getting involved in one of his fun quizzes - with his last one being spot the BGT Tour member!

The kind of things Stephen has previously quizzed about are simple and fun. In fact, the last question Stephen asked was, 'Who out of the BGT finalists is this?' Followed by an extreme close up a la below!



Followed by another pic which asked the same, 'Who out of the BGT finalists is this?'



Do you know the answers? Got you in the mood for more fun and quizzical games? While this quiz has been and gone, follow Stephen on Twitter...@stephenmulhern

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  • Have people seen the youtube video of the BGT contestant who composed a song in his honour lately?Very good, excellent in fact, worth checking out.
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