Is Stephen your blue-eyed backstage handsome perma-tan magic man?


Call yourself a fan of Stephen's? Well it's not until you have written a little ditty complete with a ukulele that you can really hold the title for most commited to the cause.

Stephen first met BGT contestant, the rather creative Gabriella Burnel, backstage at the auditions earlier this year. While holding some banter with the musician, Stephen jovially suggested she should write a song about him.

However, Gabriella doesn't believe in jokes and instead takes life very seriously...(she says so herself)...and has written a song for Stephen called 'My blue-eyed backstage handsome perma-tan magic man'...probably not one you've heard before!

To watch the original audition and banter with Stephen, click here.

Stephen even loved the song so much, he rang Gabriella personally to thank her for her efforts, he said: 'I absolutely loved it, it was hilarious - I got her phone number and gave her a call as thought it was so great."


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  • hello stephen how are you? my names jenny rothwell i met u this year at menchester britains got more tallent dancing
    to pj and duncan song u krazy katz, i think u are fantastic persen to be around and just wanted to say a masive thank u for comfoting me
    even tho i didnt get thru to next round ur hug warmed and cheered me up, i would like to meet u again, i work at linaker childrens centre
    with bev clay her son robert knows u and u spoke about me saying how nice i was. hope to see u soon jenny
  • I think its a fabulous song - very witty, very creative and very funny. I think this girl has got talent and hopefully we will hear of her again in the future. And what a great complement to have a song written especially for you!!
  • No I no time in the day to write a poem or song or able to listen to Gabriella Burnel song becasue I have no sound on the PC in the library, but I am sure it is really good and got stephen attention. The resaon I have no time is becasue I looking for work like most people. but I are sure there be good songs and poem for him and also is there going to be a winner or is just for fun.
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