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Stephen popped into The Alan Titchmarsh Show studio yesterday to chat about the return of Britain’s Got Talent this weekend.

And after Simon's absence from the audition circuit last year, Alan was keen to find out what everyone at home has been itching to know - what's it like having him back on that panel?!

“It is good to have him back," Stephen admitted. "When he wasn’t here last year with us on tour, it was like the teacher was away so we could all have a really good time. But now he’s back we have all got to up our game. Which is a good thing.

“He is very strict...”

After the glorious return of new mum Amanda Holden, next on the list of BGT stars to discuss was newbie glam panellist Alesha Dixon.

“She gives great critique and she also gives great advice to the young acts," Stephen explained. "She’s done the rapping, she’s done the singing, she’s done the dancing - she really is a good judge.

“She’s also very firm," he added. "Simon does a lot of winding up and he winds her up.... She really does hold her own.”

And before Stephen headed off to leave us all limbering up for a HUGE weekend on top Talent telly, Alan quizzed our More Talent host on the man who likes to call him Stuart - Mr David Walliams.

“He is really good at what he does," Stephen revealed. "He takes stuff quite personally so he gives views that are very honest.”

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  • I really enjoy the chat he had on The A. T Show it is a shame he was not on long enough to enjoy him more as well show clip of BGMT. I was thinking also he only needs a hat,beard and a whip then he can go to the jungel to have adventure.The show BGMY looks like it going to be the best with David taking the piss out of stephen to.
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