Stephen's BGT Banter


Who gives you more? Stephen does. Team BGT caught up with Stephen to get his word on the talent, the judges and all the backstage shenanigans.

Simon’s back! The BGT team wanted to know what Stephen thought about the return of the Talent king to the panel.

“We’ve seen more of Simon on BGMT this year than ever, he’s been so accommodating. I loved it when he got the impersonator to act out that bizarre sketch with David and Alesha. It was so funny.”

What about BGT newbie David Walliams? How about the ladies? Are Amanda and Alesha getting on?

“David is the best Judge EVER in my opinion. He’s excellent, funny and edgy and really gets away with dropping all those risky jokes. He’s like a lapping dog that doesn’t give up. He’s a massive asset to the show.

“I love Amanda and Alesha. They’re totally different so there’s no competitiveness. They’ve formed a partnership, the guys had better watch out. It’s great they both get on – it would’ve been a nightmare if they hadn’t!”

Team BGT ask Stephen what has BGMT got in store in next week’s show.

“We’re loving our ‘Where’s Walli-ams?’ feature and if you tune in next week we’ll be dishing up some exclusive gossip on Alesha Dixon in our ‘So So Scandalous’ feature. BGMT is brilliant for outtakes and juicy backstage content. And if you like Simon, you’re in for a treat as he features heavily in all the episodes.”

To read the complete interview with Stephen visit the Britain’s Got Talent website.


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  • I like to say it always a treat watching BGMT just becasue Stephen Mulhern hosts the show. Other than that I would not be watching it.
  • Britains got talent is amazeballs with the new judge lineup this year!! But BGMT for me always steals the show!! Stephen is amayzing on it!! Always has me doubled up laughing :)
    Gemma Scott
  • Really good interview & stephen still enjoys the shows even after all these years.
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