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The man that gives you More is back, with the latest from Britain's Got Talent.

What did you make of Mr Zip?

I loved Mr Zip. I think he could be the first novelty act off BGT to land a number one single. Mark my words, that song will smash it this summer. I can see people dancing around their barbeques to it. If he reaches the Live Shows, I can’t wait to see what he’ll rap about next time.

Just how cute is Pudsey?

Pudsey surprised me. When I met him backstage he seemed too cuddly to be competitive. How wrong was I! Ashleigh and Pudsey were brilliant, weren’t they?

Did you enjoy Chelsea’s audition?

Yes, she was so scared before going on stage. If she gets through to the Live Shows, she needs to realise those nerves will be tripled. I hope she gained some confidence upon watching herself back. It was a brave song choice and she nailed it.

You got on well with her gran, didn’t you?

Yes, she’s one glamorous granny! She likes ‘big hair’ so I asked her for hairdressing tips. Apparently, it’s all about backcombing and hairspray.

Which Judge dresses the best?

Alesha! She always looks amazing and had a model figure. ‘Leash takes the longest to get ready. And did you know that David always changes his shirt between auditions? He always packs two of the same shirt wherever he goes.

What’s your fave thing about BGMT?

The exclusives! We’re always overhearing all the gossip between the Judges when they think their microphones are turned off! We’ll be showing loads of these secret conversations throughout the series.


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