'My favourite Judge is David - he's actually really sensitive'


Stephen has been nabbed by the cheeky BGT Insider for his weekly quiz. This week, we find out why Simon lets David wind him up so much, Stephen shares his favourite moments from last week’s hilarious BGMT and reveals his favourite Judge.

Can't get enough from Stephen? He's taking over the @gottalent twitter feed this Saturday from 7:30pm April 21st in the lead up to the show. If that wasn't enough, he bursts back on to your screens for Britain's Got More Talent at the later time of 9:45pm.

Who was your favourite act from last week?

I loved Strictly Wheels – they could have been horrendous or amazing, but thankfully, they were the latter. What an incredible way to create awareness about wheelchair dancing.

Also, I’m so glad that there’s no age limit for contestants. Fourteen-year-old Paige would’ve been too young to enter a show like The X Factor.

Who has been your favourite BGMT act?

Did you see MC Stallion? I do laugh at his name though - he’s a tiny little thing. He should change his name to MC Pony.

Do you have a favourite Judge? We promise we won’t tell…

My favourite Judge is David. His and Simon’s relationship is great – Simon gives him a carte blanche to do what he likes. Backstage, I overheard Simon say to David: ‘You can do whatever you like but always remember I’m the king and you’re the court jester.’ So true!

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  • I like to say for once I agree with what u say & David is the best thing on thee and hope he dong BGT next year becasue he bring light into a show that been needing something like him for a while know. Also I won't mind Strictly Wheels to win becasue it something different for BGT and get people more aware of how people in wheelchairs can do many things.
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