Sheila's back!


Stephen has been tracked down by the BGT Insider for his weekly quiz.  Find out who Amanda and Alesha fancy and all of his favourite moments from last week’s hilarious BGMT.

Did you enjoy episode five of BGT?

The standard of talent was really high and I can’t wait for the Live Shows. The Loveable Rogues are the ones to watch, they remind me of Olly Murs and they will be a smash with the girls. They’re thoroughly cheeky chaps - it would be fantastic to see a band win BGT.

And we saw your fan Sheila in BGMT…

Ah yes, Sheila. I thought David was winding me up. It wasn’t until I saw the footage of her in the crowds outside that I realised she existed. Now I’ve seen her on screen, I have to meet her. Sheila, if you’re reading this – please get in touch!

Did you like Chica Latina’s raunchy performance?

Yes, Chica really put a smile on Simon’s face. She was a bundle of laughs, but I’m not entirely convinced of her vocal abilities!

Wasn’t Lauren cute?

She was so sweet and well-mannered. I like that her parents haven’t pushed her into this. I think she’ll go far.

What did you make of Marea?

Marea is so brave. Stand-up comedy can be horrendous and I’ve seen people crumple on stage when jokes fall flat. I’m interested to see what she’ll pull out of the bag if she reaches the Live Shows.

Do you think Amanda and Alesha fancied Cascade?

Absolutely! Amanda and Alesha were smitten before Cascade had even performed, those two ladies were like the cats that got the cream. If you want to impress those two, all you need to do is to take your top off... it also helps to have a ripped physique.

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