One week until we go LIVE!


Stephen has been quizzed by those at BGT HQ. This week, we find out who gives Stephen the heebie jeebies, who he thinks stands out the most, and what the BGT team have in store for next week's live shows.


Don't forget to watch Stephen in Britain's Got More Talent this Sunday, just after the live show finishes at 9:15pm on ITV2.


Who was your favourite BGMT act this week?

It has to be Big Dave. He is a strong man who can pull buses, helicopters and lift cars ... but he couldn’t open a pouch of sauce for me during our interview. Utterly priceless! He was an absolute pleasure to interview – what a lovely guy.


Graham’s hilarious, isn’t he?

Graham is a one-off, a really quirky character. He’s really talented, too – his organ playing was top-notch.


Who else stood out for you?

I liked The Jive Aces - we don’t usually have acts like that audition for the show. Believe it or not, I own an identical suit to theirs in canary yellow. I bought it years ago when I was angling for the Chris Evans look. Suffice to say I’ve looked better! There is pictorial evidence of me wearing this suit – I challenge your readers to find the photos online.

What was it like interviewing Geisha Davis?

She gave me the heebie-jeebies. When I interviewed her, she looked straight through me and I was worried about her casting a voodoo spell on me. I reckon she chose to sing about Humpty Dumpty because like him, she’s not of this world!


What have you got in store for the Live Shows?

BGMT is going to be great fun. We’ll have celebrity guests and a house band. It’ll be a chat show celebration of all things BGT. Plus, we’ll be getting all four Judges on the sofa to interrogate and cross-examine every night. I'm looking forward to seeing Amanda and Alesha's outfits.

Do you think David will tease Simon?

I loved David’s cheeky quips targeted at Simon during auditions – he got away with murder. I’m wondering if he’ll hold back on the risqué jokes for the Live Shows, but I secretly hope he doesn’t. I think we may have one loose cannon on our hands!

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  • I like to say I will enjoy all the BGMT shows if my set top box is working becasue I know stephen mulhern does a great job & as done the past 5 years & he and the crew should of won awards in that time it as been on and then people can say stephen is a great tv hosts.

    Also I tried looking for the canary yellow suit I could not find it but I am sure someone will who as more time than me.

    So I wish stephen mulhern and the BGMT crew all the best for next weeks shows.
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