Stephen to host Catchphrase!


Stephen is coming to a TV near you soon as the host of a brand spanking new series of Catchphrase, featuring a new set, exciting 3D graphics and dynamic end game, airing every Saturday night in a primetime slot on ITV1.

Viewers will once again have the chance to 'say what they see' as Stephen presents an up to date and state of the art version of Catchphrase - a welcome return to our essential Saturday night viewing!

Speaking of catchphrases – Stephen admitted in a recent interview with Digital Spy that he was nervous filling the shoes of previous presenter Roy Walker.

"I've got the most respect for Roy Walker because he did the game so well. The hardest thing was not saying his catchphrases. You can't say 'say what you see' because that's synonymous to him - what I came up with was 'the clue's on the screen but what does it mean?"

We think that’s a great catchphrase Stephen! But what can viewers look forward to from the new series?

"Its biggest selling point is its playability at home and because it's been off screens for so long. I know there's been reruns of it, but young kids wouldn't have been aware of it so it's a new game for them."

That’s it, we’re sold! But eager viewers will have to wait a little longer – the series isn’t due to air until early 2013. Bring on the new year we say!



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  • When is the new series to air?? we went to the pilot filming and cant wait to see the series.
    Rob Floyd
  • Look forward to catching the phrase Stephen (was that an odd way of putting it?). Am sure you'll be great! If I am a little biased ;) Best wishes, Heidi x
    Heidi Mumford
  • I was a massive fan of Catchphrase when I was growing up, and I still am as I watch the repeats on Challenge. I am so excited that Catchphrase is coming back to prime time tv and what makes it even more brillant and exciting is that Stephen will be presenting it!! I cannot wait for Catchphrase to start!!
    Ann Kerridge
  • good luck stephen sure you will be great,loved the show before so sure will love it with you in it x x x
    Sandra brice
  • I like to say I hope fans of the show Catchphrase will give stephen a chance like with other shos on tv over the years that people throught they would not work with them like Family Fortunes which had Bob Monkhouse & then Les Dennis who made the show there own. Also Starts in your eyes who had Mathew Kelly hosting it then Cat Deeley taking over it & making it her own. So people give Stephen Mulhern a chance with a great show becasue you never know he just suprise you becasue he is a star in the making & who been waiting in the wings for his chance to shine.
    jules ann
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