Stephen talks Dolly and BGT


Hello all,

Well, yesterday was a treat having got to interview the Queen of Country Dolly Parton! She was amazing and I have to say one of the nicest people I have ever met. She literally made me and the crew feel so at home as we chatted in her room at the very glamorous Savoy Hotel.

At the end of our chat I gave her a gift of a Tin Can stuck to the end of a piece of wood, this may sound weird but having done my research it turns out this is what Dolly used whilst practising her songs growing up.

As soon as she saw it she erupted with excitement explaining exactly how it came about. To make things even better she said she loved it so much she would put it in her famous museum Dolly Wood, how cool is that!

It's seems nonstop at the moment with Britain's Got Talent returning this Saturday.

Honestly Britain's Got More Talent is the funniest series we have ever done, keep your eye out for Lorraine the Dancing Queen, she is amazing. Also I think you will love Ant and Dec's Retro Game Challenge on ITV2 at 9.50.

I can't wait to hear what you think of David Hasslehoff and Michael McIntyre, I think they are brilliant and give the whole show a new feel, my favourite thing we have done with The Hoff is a feature called the Hoffice, when you see it you will know why!!!

I am going to make a prediction exclusive to my website. I have not said this to anyone as yet but will do so right now.

I think the winner of this year’s Britain's Got Talent is going to be a kid! You heard it here first!

Bye for now



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  • Hi Stephen, rembering our early Sat mornings and how I loved working with you and Holly, both doing well, you deserve it. You told me when I saw you last that you would be in Panto this year 2011, where.. can you get someone to let me know, as want to bring grandaughter Jessica.Lv Doreenxx
    Doreen Vowls/Chaperone-MM
  • A kid eh? You got any favs? We miss you on twitter :)
  • loved seeing you twice on tv and am loving bgt and bgmt masive shame about the ccacrd tric please come to nottingham agane
    molly fitches
  • Congratulations on fantastic first Britains Got More Talent show. Watched the repeat today and really enjoyed it. Brilliant, funny new formats, so clever and even much better than the main show!!! Well done. x
  • Lovely to have you back Stephen, now please come back to Twitter and tweet me. X
  • Thank you for your update. I bet many of your female fans now are glad you back online becasue they been waiting for ages to say something and you was great chantting with Dolly Parton and did you do the trick with the cards again after you finish recording. Because your face did look a picture when she picked a different card. So Good luck in Britian Got More Talent and hope there is many people you take the mick out of. Also if it is a Child that wins then how long will they last in the business before they give up to do something else.
  • Hi Stephen how are u? Not sure if u remember me saw u at panto in Kent and u cane to visit childrens ward wit dave Lee in ashford? I was one nurses who showed u round. Also met u after show wit my friend lol girl who has git a lung condition we waited an hour to see u!!
    Briony Huckstepp
  • Can't wait til your back on tv for bgmt loved you on this morning yesterday shame about the card trick.
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