Britain's Got Talent...and The Hoff!


I can’t believe it’s week four of Britain’s Got Talent with only two more audition shows to go after this week, we will then reveal the final 40.

Quite a surprising show tonight on ITV1 where you can see Ant cry but not with laughter, he gets very emotional when he sees child acts perform, which I think is a lovely thing to see – but the biggest surprise for me this week is a guy called Robert Talford, a man who must be over a 25 stone but with the voice of a 12-year-old!

There is also a very surprising act a boy called Nathan who makes someone’s face out of toast, which is just incredible – I never thought I would find something like that entertaining but it absolutely is!

On Britain’s Got More Talent...

It’s 2-1 to Dec in the ‘Retro Challenge’ and this week it’s Buckaroo so can Ant make it even stevens?

My most enjoyable act on is a mother and daughter act called Ena and Jean  and it’s very funny  when Michael McIntrye said “Hi Ina and Hi Gina”. Also, Michael gets a present, Amanda gets a very big surprise from me – and The Hoff reveals how he became The Hoff and speaks exclusively to ITV2 about his big argument with Piers Morgan on America’s Got Talent and about he threatened to kill him!

For me, the head sort of runner and the favourite for me so far this year is definitely 12-year-old Ronan Park from last week. I think another singer from last week, Herbie Armstrong, could be his main competitor because I think lots of the grannies will vote for him as an older ‘Van Morrison’ type – Personally, I didn’t like him as much as Ronan as a performer but I do think he will do well, but if they pick the right song for Ronan – in my opinion, he could storm it!



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  • awsom blog loved the face in toast very cool cant beleve michael broke it lol but his queen impresion was good lovin your show and your blog wort not doing science to read it
  • I'm loving it! The judges are great.'Retro' makes me feel old!
    Micheals impression of the queen is hillarious!
  • really enjoying bgmt it is a lot better and funnier than the main show. I love the retro challenges with ant and dec they are hilarious but you shouldve joined in especially when they played twister.
    lisa murray
  • Very good blog and I through the mother and daughter was great. Also the bloke who made a face out toast was good but I seen that kind of act before. Whoever wins in the live shows hope they enjoy there succuess however long it is becasue you never know what is around the corner in life.
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