Britney's Got Talent...and no clothes?!


So on this week's Britain’s Got More Talent there was one act called Sailor Pig. Over the past five years, there has never been an act that has slightly freaked me out but this guy did – because he wouldn’t take off his mask. He had a latex mask as a pig and was obviously dressed as a sailor; he went on and sang into a hairbrush but wouldn’t take his mask off when the judges asked him to, and then again when I asked him to, he wouldn’t. Whatsmore, he was talking in lots of mystical responses to my questions and I genuinely couldn’t get through to him for him to be 'normal' if you like, so he genuinely freaked me out!

 Also, a teacher whose name is JJ – and this is another first! When she got hit with the buzzers, she leaves the stage as they all do - but the shock of the noise from the buzzers made her lose her voice! So after she comes off stage, we go to talk to her after Ant and Dec, and the shock had then hit her by this point so you’ll see the aftermath of what happened! She literally loses her voice and can’t talk, she tries to talk but she just can’t get anything out. She’s not upset over it thought – she's just completely shocked and wants to leave – I couldn’t believe it! I thought it was a joke at first but until you hear her trying to talk you realise that actually she genuinely can’t.

Plus – on the ITV1 show, there was a Britney Spears lookalike who normally performs in like a whole see-through leotard thing with glitter and diamante parts covering up ‘areas’ but unfortunately she forgot to bring it! So what happened was... the researchers who work on Britain’s Got Talent had to stick little diamante diamonds onto her actual skin – so she basically literally walked on stage naked!!! She does really look like Britney Spears though and she told us (exclusive to Britain’s got More Talent) that her ex-boyfriend was a Johnny Depp lookalike and when Britney shaved her head in real life, so did she too! That’s true dedication to your act right there isn’t it?

Watch this space for next week's blog!








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  • the sailor pig looks like a girl i went to school with so when he came on i couldnt stop laughing everytime i think of that lady who lost her voice i cant not laugh your face was genius. keeo up the good work cant wait til next weeks blog
    lisa murray
  • LOL!!!! my mum walked in and saw the women with no clothes on she yelled at me and said that the shuld not be watching that, also the salor pig gave me night mares for two nights

    glad i was not the onely one freaked out.
    Molly Fitches
  • great show again. that lady who lost her voice because of the buzzers was the highlight of both bgt and bgmt so far it was genius i couldnt stop laughing at it.
    lisa murray
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