Stephen talks about the last round of live auditions on BGT


Without question, I think Saturday night’s show is the best show we have done over the last five years – I’ll tell you why, it’s because it’s the last audition show and we’ve just gone to town, using all the best audition acts and best bits that people haven’t seen.

So this week we had a girl called Jenny Rothwell and she came on dressed as a cat sings Crazy Cats(?!).  The thing is, she was an absolutely massive Ant and Dec fan – but as she auditions she sees Ant and Dec in the wings grimacing and holding their heads in shame – so after the audition she decided she’s not their number one fan anymore and instead...she came to me!  Soooo yep, I’ve taken her, she’s now my number one fan - Ant and Dec's loss is my gain!

We also had a young impersonator this week, he’s maybe about 20 quite young and he’s brilliant. His best impression is Michael Macintyre, so he performed this to Michael, which freaked Michael out hugely which was great to watch.

Possibly my all time favourite from this series – a guy called Bobby Button. Now Bobby button (it’s his real name by the way!) is about 25 stone, and his talent is to do forward rolls. So what happened,  just so you know – was he did his audition on ITV1 and the judges say ‘No’ and the audience all start chanting ‘Bobby’, ‘Bobby’, and the judges realised they had made a mistake because he obviously went down exceptionally well! So they brought him back on the stage and he did another really quick forward roll and they put him through.  So... on ITV2 we don’t normally use the acts you see on ITV1 because we don’t want people to have to watch the same acts – but because he was so funny and so good, we asked him to come on our show too! And, we asked him to do, what we called... the ‘Bobby Double’! So he does a double forward roll really fast and I thought at the end of it his face was going to explode!!!

Who else have we got? Oh you also don’t want to miss Mr. Remarkable Man! He, with the help of Dec, stands on his head, and Dec holds his legs so he doesn’t fall over. Then, with his mouth, this guy blows up hot water bottles to the point where he can burst them! Honestly, you wouldn’t imagine it was possible – and he said he is the only person in the UK that can do it! And not only that, he blows up about three of them, one after the other, how his lips don’t just combust it’s unbelievable!

We also had Alan Reid who says he’s a shuffler, but he was just horrendous to be quite honest with you. So we put him to the test; we sent him to the other end of the arena to see if he could shuffle all the way back to myself in just 15 seconds – and he did it because he is exceptionally fast at what he does – but it's what he does at the end of the shuffle challenge that will really make people laugh.

Finally – a guy who combines ‘human’ with ‘technology’ to create what he called ‘The Robot Man’ –so he went to get ready and when he came back he had just drawn a robot face on a big paper bag which he wears on his head and it goes over his shoulders?!  The thing was, he has clearly had this bag for over 4 or 5 years because it was horrendous! I made that fatal mistake of asking to try it on but no sooner had I tried it on, believe me, it came off, it absolutely stank!!


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  • loving the show my mum is not letting me watch it at night but i am catching up on it in the day it is so funny loving retro game challange i am going to ask if i could do it on our booth at the school carnival i sent u an an email please email back stephen xxâ¥â¥â¥â¥
    Molly Fitches
  • This is going to be short and sweet - like me ;) I really love you, now three simple options a)please mention me on you show, b)ask me out on date or c)let me go on your show its up to you to decide - dont worry about hurting my feelings, I am easily pleased and would be happy with any or all of the three :P check my facebook might help you make your decision and show you that i am in fact a sane person unlike most people on BGMT, lots of love hannah
    Hannah Alice Howell
  • Fair play - last Saturdays show WAS the best ever! The editing is flawless.. The whole build up the "Double Double" was hilarious with the Hollywood music etc. And the face on you when Alan shuffled at 70mph up that arena floor, so funny.. Then "Whilst Alan goes home for a quiet shuffle.." hahahaha

    A big THANK YOU to you and the BGMT team for making Saturday nights great craic!

    Keep up the good work and I hope you get the recognition you deserve!

    Laurna x
  • Hi Steven really in joyed doing the show are u still going to ask me to come on your life show to do chantilly lace LOL

    Love Bobby Button
    bobby button
  • Yes it was great BGT becasue it had a friend of yours on who ready did know and thing or two about magic becasue you work with him on Freaky so if he goes to the finale then we or I wiil know it is a fix having a mate of yours on to make the show better. In all the weeks I seen your show and clips from ITV 1 show it as been a OK run not like the other years. I am sure the live shows you do will be better.
  • The show on saturday was fantastic. Jenny who danced to U KRAZY KATS made my night ant and decs reaction when the song came one was genius. The remarkable man when dec was holding his legs was why we all love Dec he was sooo cute standing there. Bobby Buttons was brilliant I would have loved to have seen u doing a roly poly. The shuffler made me dizzy but the fact he did the shuffling in the SECC in Glasgow I loved. The retro challenge with Ant and Dec are brilliant but you should have joined in. BGMT has done what I didn't think could happen was better than last year and its not even over yet the BGMT should be proud and you are a LEGEND. CORRECT xxxxx
    lisa murray
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