BGT: One day to go


So without question it’s been a week of ups and downs, and quite possibly the most bizarre final week of Britain’s Got Talent. 

With the return of Simon on the panel on Monday, it’s obviously brought some changes, but changes in a very good way - it is interesting to see just how different the balance now is on the judging table since he’s returned.

Last night saw David Hasselhoff lose his temper because nursery rhyme singer Edward Reid didn’t make it through to the final in favour of Steve Hall. It shows that not all the decisions made by the judges were necessarily right during the audition process, resulting in the judges unable to choose between two great acts - while Mexican Mayhem (yet another dog act that didn’t work) got through to the semi-final in the first place?! I never thought I would see the day when two judges would hide in shame live on ITV1.

So, the niggling question that we all want to know is who’s going to win? From Monday everyone was talking ‘Ronan, Ronan, Ronan’, The Hoff said ‘He’s the outright winner’, but then in came James Hobley and The Hoff said the same of him - ‘He’s the outright winner’. Everyone obviously has their own view but until I see what Michael Collings does tonight, I honestly don’t know.  Michael from the auditions set You Tube alight as did Subo in her audition round, he’s a great character and has an amazing talent but will it go alright on the night?

Who do I think are the top performers out of the finalists so far? Ronan, New Bounce and the impersonator, Les.  But as far as tonight goes, without seeing the performances of this evening – at the moment, I’m going to say Michael Collings and Michael Morale.  French dancer Michael, who was kicked out in the final rounds of the live auditions, has been brought back because Simon thought he’d lost out unfairly.

Britain’s Got More Talent has been the best year we’ve had out of the last five! I have thoroughly enjoyed it and the guests we’ve had have been unbelievable.  On tonight’s show we have JLS, and tomorrow night we have Ashley Banjo from Diversity, Louis Walsh and Jason Gardiner along with the house band The Feeling.

Bring on the final – here we go!


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  • arrrrrrrrrr mised the final but got the news jai desurved to win
    molly fitches
  • fantastic series loved every bit of it. I am so happy Jai won the right winner i think I know you really wanted Ronan to win
    lisa murray
  • I like to say well everyone would say that is you do a great job on Britian Got More Talent the past week and is one of the bests in the 5 years you have done the show and you and the team should win award for the hard work you and the crew do to pull a show like yours off. Hope next years is even better and have even better games to if you can think of any. So I hope you and crew have a good time on the last night and good luck with the tour and whatever you are doing after that.
  • Heya Stephen hope your good dude, your a legend. you should be a presenter on every program!
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