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Having done two tours of Britain’s Got Talent Live before, this current one being the 3rd, I have to say it’s a surprised me just how strong the talent really  is. I don’t mean that the talent was not good on the TV show, but more when you see the ten finalists perform live having been singled out from the thousands that applied and auditioned – you realise just how good they actually are.

The one person who absolutely storms it every night is Ronan; when he gets on stage he absolutely tears the place apart and the audience just love him. And let’s talk about some of the surprise things – in the second half they’ve paired up Paul Gbegbaje with Ronan so Paul is playing the piano live accompanying Ronan who sings an Adele song, and it’s just amazing.

Here’s one of the most awkward moments but total highlights of the trip which is actually quite funny. We had just finished the show in Nottingham and had all gone back to the hotel which we were we all staying in.  So we were all having a drink in the courtyard – it was myself, Razzi, Stephen Hall - and as we were having a drink, a light goes on in a hotel room that we can see inside of, but the couple didn’t realise we could see from outside in as it was dark outside – well I’ve never seen anything quite like it – and it certainly proved that Britain does really have talent – very awkward!!

Another memory that will stick with me from the tour is Jean Martin. She’s an absolute bundle of energy – since the show has started, she has lost a stone in weight which I am potentially putting down to all the bouncing around she does on the keyboard. I’ve said to her, ‘You’re a good entertainer; your good on the keyboard, if you look good in meat then Lady Gaga’s got something to worry about!’

So when I’m on stage – I do a gag that gets a really good laugh from the crowd. I say, ‘It’s now time to introduce a fantastic impressionist, Les Gibson. I still find it amazing how he can go from one person to another – and in fact I was talking to his wife last night and she said he’s so good sometimes I don’t know who I’m going to wake up to in the morning – a bit like Ryan Giggs!...All joking aside Les doesn’t do Ryan Giggs - which is weird because everyone else seems to!!’

It’s absolutely lovely going around the country and meeting a number of people who are massive fans of the show. Plus, I still get to go to the 02 Arena and also my hometown in Brighton before we finish in Bournemouth on Sunday which is going to be a very good party!

 Watch this space for more from Stephen at the end of the tour next week...




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  • u r amazing, awesome,cute, handsome, Georges, smart, active, intelligent, dashing, adorable ,attractive, sweet, mind blowing. i love you, more than other can in the world.
  • i never got to see u in nottingham it was to late and i was at school wish i could of miss u xx
    molly fitches
  • You were Amazing on the tour Stephen!!
    I came to Nottingham and Manchester and i can't thank you enough for all that you did for me!! You truly are a special person!!
    See you in Canterbury!!
    x x
  • Marry me Stephen! You looked gorgeous in your suit at the BGT tour x
  • Cool! I always thought Ronan & Paul would do a great duet. Id love to see that. Its a pity there wont be a tv special with hightlights from the tour :(

    Look forward to your next project, whatever it may be!

    Have a good one and take care!

    Laurna x
  • Sounds great,can't wait to see u in brighton 2moz night..I'm taking my mum as a treat from getting the all clear from cancer,after going through last year fighting cancer..Stalls Row B seats 33 & 34.Looking 4ward to having u home in brighton xx
    Jane Aston
  • This tour has been the best bgt tour you are an amazing host and a very special guy. I only saw u twicE in scotland but I will never forget both meetings enjoy the last week
    lisa murray
  • Stormed it mate.
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