Stephen's New Magic Set


From the age of 11, I’ve been really interested in performing magic tricks. When I got my first magic set, it inspired me to fool people and trick them into thinking they had worked out what was going on. At school it was a very big thing, for me, to show them tricks they couldn’t work out. At 18, I decided to study magic as an art form, using misdirection and sleight of hand.

When it came to somebody asking me to put my own magic set together, I did a lot of research into magic sets in both America and the ones available in the UK. It became clear to me that most of these magic sets, for the last 20-30 years, have always included the same tricks in them.

What I decided to do was come up with tricks that were not only new, but very up-to-date and very contemporary with what people like at the moment, you’ve got tricks in there you won’t find in any other magic sets. For example, there’s a trick called ‘The Dropper’ that allows you to make things disappear, at your finger tips. Whether it’s a big handkerchief, people’s 5 or 10 pound notes, it allows you to make them disappear with very little practice. Once you get the set, go to my website and see the video of me performing it, you’ll see how easy and effective it looks.

Another trick that I’m particularly happy with is the ‘Coin in the Sweet Box’. The idea behind it came from a famous trick called the ‘coin in the bottle’, you take a coin and hit it on the bottom of a glass bottle and the coin will penetrate the bottle so that you can’t get it out. What I wanted to do was get a see-through sweet box, and do the same thing. The top of the box is sealed, any member of the audience can examine it, you then take a coin which you can even write your initials on, you then tap the bottom of the box with it and it will penetrate and stay inside the box. 

One thing that was really important to me, when putting the set together, was that all the tricks are tried and tested on other people. When you see me perform them on the website, you’ll see the reactions you can get. There’s nothing in the set that I’m unhappy with, that’s why I’ve put my name to it and thankfully why it’s doing so well. It’s currently the number one selling magic set in Argos and it seems to be going down really well.

My favourite trick in the box is the ‘Card Case. With the ‘Card Case’, you can not only make things disappear, you can make things appear and even tear playing cards up only to restore them again! You can borrow somebody’s five pound note, tear the corner of the five pound note off, place it in the card case and it will be back to normal! You can restore things in seconds, it allows you to do what would be impossible in reality, but anything is possible with the ‘Card Case’.


Check out the video section of this website to see me perform a selection of the tricks and stay tuned for even more videos, coming soon.


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  • Told my mum about your magic set and dragged her around butlins skegness but they were not there but they are on the top of my Christmas list so i hope i get them i know a lot of tricks and can perform them all alredy and they are getting realy old now
    hope to see u again
    molly joanne fitches
  • Very good blog and glad you have come up with something new for today's children to enjoy. Also hope you plan to do more magic sets and become best sellers in the UK around the world.
  • I love it when you do magic. Would love to be there watching you do it. Lots of love
    lisa murray
  • Love it!! Wish i was brainy enough to do magic lol!!
    Love u mullers
    Gemma Scott
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