Febreeze, Panto and New Shows!


Finally managed to film all of the tricks from my new magic set, which I'm really pleased about. I'm really happy with the contents and just how good the tricks are (Buy it from Argos). Tomorrow I start on a campaign for Febreze which is a really odd thing for me to be part of, but actually I'm really excited about it. The basic idea is that they want to do a live odour test, I’m doing this for the next four days at Westfield Stratford City, should be a laugh because we've got a perspex box that is no bigger than a standard single bedroom. In this box is a bed, a toilet and some gym equipment. A male model has been employed to spend 3 days and nights living in this box, he's not allowed to come out (even when Westfield shopping centre closes for the evening), he has to stay in there trying to make the box smell as bad as possible! We'll also be adding to the smell by giving him strong smelling food and by introducing animals to the box, to try and make the smell in the box as bad as possible. On Saturday we'll be inviting members of the public in to the box, to prove it smells as bad as it looks, then we will then spray the box with Febreze. After this we will blindfold members of the public, who will then go in to the box and be asked where they think they are and will have to answer based on what they can smell - bringing the advert to life. IF it works, they will think they're in a meadow or on the beach, and not a tip that has been lived in for 4 days straight.

I’m also working on a one off show for ITV2 which will air in December which I’m really looking forward – more on that to come as my lips are sealed for the time being!  It’s now that time of year which comes around so fast where I start panto – that keeps me so busy in the lead up to Christmas and the start of the New Year before going onto Britain’s Got More Talent. It’s a busy time but wouldn’t have it any other way as I enjoy it so much!


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  • you were your excellent usual self in the panto and have seen you before and the standard was very high , my son used to be a avid watcher of tricky tv and came especially to see you , when he eagerly came to the stage door to meet you again you wouldnt come out you were too tired , he met you before in snow white and you were lovely with the kids , since then you have have moved on to more adult tv ie this morning and bgt rememember your humble beginings as a kids entertainer because without that you wouldnt be on this morning !!
    sue mcmullan
  • Went to panto Sunday with most off my family (17 in total) ranging from 3 to 70 and we all loved it and best ever. we always go later in run and have previously missed you due to your BGT, you where a brilliant Buttons. really sad about Dave Lee . Thanks
    Mandy Baker
  • The best panto ever!! I loved it!!
    All cast were Amayzing, but of course Stephen was my favourite, So talented and made the cutest Buttons ever!!
    x x
    Gemma Scott
  • Stephen Mulhern was fantastic on Sunday, can't believe he grabbed me to go up on stage for the card trick. He is sooo gorgeous made my day!
  • i loved coming down to westfields,so lucky i was on my way to stratford to see family (hoe strange) and then i see me and my daughter on the clips on fb ha ha!! it was lovely to see u again :) take care and hope to see u very soon. x
  • so excited for what you have coming up so proud of you x
    lisa murray
  • I am glad you enjoy being busy becasue you never know when it going to end and hope the new show on ITV2 is a success to and be more of them and should really then go on itv 1 which you should really be on.

    Also hope the Advert is success and goes on tv becasue it should be really funny to watch. So all the best and hope you get rewarded for all the work you do.
  • ooh Stephen, I doubt you will remember me, but I am the one who used to always meet you at stage doors and be too shy to talk to you! And I was always with my friend Eleanor and you always used to say to her 'You've had your braces out!' We also embarrassingly followed you around asda once while you were filming supermarket sneak.. sorry about that! Please reply if you can, it would make my life haha!
    lots of love
    Louise xx
    Louise Briggs
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