Right now, David Walliams calls me 'Stuart'


BGT is back and our main man Stephen is on the case, hosting Britain's Got More Talent. He was cornered by the #BGTInsider for a quick backstage chat!

Sum up BGMT in a nutshell for us…

Britain’s Got More Talent is basically your one-stop shop for all things MORE. We never double-up on content shown on ITV, so everything you see is exclusive footage. And thanks to an access-all-areas pass, I get to snoop around backstage and spy on the Judges. Much like you, BGTInsider!

You and Simon seem to be getting along famously…

Simon is on great form – he’s filmed loads with us. The big boss even bought me a present this year, some fancy fudge. Err, thanks! It tasted grim and I palmed it off on Amanda.

So you’ve clearly worked your ‘magic’ on him…

Simon is the absolute best at what he does. Pssst! And here’s an exclusive…David Walliams told me that Simon being back on board was a deciding factor in him signing up to do the show.

Speaking of David, you two are fast becoming a double-act…

Ha – he’s such a wind-up merchant. When I first met him, we chatted for twenty minutes and afterwards he asked, “Sorry, what’s your name?” Since then, he makes a point of calling me a different name each time I see him. Right now, it’s “Stuart.”

What a cheeky monkey…

Tell me about it! I’ve had to resort to desperate measures and have a badge made to spell out my name in CAPITAL LETTERS. He’s a very intriguing character, you never know what you’re gonna get with him. He’s incredibly sympathetic towards contestants – I thought he’d take the Mickey non-stop but he hasn’t. He’s surprisingly emotional.

What about Alesha Dixon?

She’s so, so scandalous! Sorry, I had to get that in. She’s superb in that she can critique and comment authoritatively across dancing, singing and overall performance.

What are your biding memories from last year?

Ah, I felt so sorry for the Britney Spears impersonator, Lorna Bliss. I remember her turning up to the auditions all on her own. I wanted to give her a big hug. Little Ronan was a sweetheart, his vocals were a highlight. I loved The Entertainorator, Stuart Arnold. His Arnie impression wasn’t the greatest but what a character.

The contestants sometimes see you as an agony uncle, don’t they?

Yup. If a performance hasn’t gone down too well, the contestants get their right to reply on our show and they know I’m always on hand with a sympathetic ear.

With the last comment in mind, Stephen has nominated himself to become the first BGT Agony Uncle online! During the series, Stephen will be 'mull'ing over YOUR problems which you can submit to the tongue-in-cheek problem page. Perhaps your cat is ignoring you, do you struggle to land a date or maybe you’re all fingers and thumbs when it comes to card tricks. Either way, help is at hand!

Leave a comment on this page and Stephen and the BGT team will endeavour to get back to you.


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  • Hi stephen, I am enjoying the new series of More Talent
  • Love the interview!! BGT Insider and Stephen are the best!!
    But the Agony Uncle Stephen bit has disappeared off the BGT website, does this mean he's now not doing it??
    Or is it here we leave problems??
    x x
    Gemma Scott
  • No comment but just to say keep doing the good work for BGMT becasue one day you get that big job that last a long time and people will remember you by. In all hope this season is better than the last.
  • LoVe this interview and love what he is going to do with the problems xxx
    Lou Lou
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