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Video: 2 Card Trick

22 August 2011

2 Card Trick

Video: Card Case

22 August 2011

Card Case

Video: Folding 5

22 August 2011

Folding 5

Video: Handkerchief

22 August 2011


Video: Svengali Cards

22 August 2011

Svengali Cards

Article: Stephen on This Morning

8 August 2011

Stephen on This Morning

Image: SM magic set.jpg

3 August 2011

SM magic set.jpg

Article: Stephen's Magic set on sale

3 August 2011

Is Stephen your blue-eyed backstage handsome perma-tan magic man?

Article: Stephen does love a good quiz!

5 July 2011

Stephen does love a good quiz!

Article: Now the BGT tour has come to an end

7 February 2011

Who is on Magic Numbers This Week? Find out now!

Article: Celebrities Are The Trickiest

13 August 2010

Celebrities Are The Trickiest

Article: Bunton, Butlins and (boy) Bands!

6 August 2010

Bunton, Butlins and (boy) Bands!

Article: Magic, Magic, and More Magic!!

30 July 2010